What is Advocacy?

Advocacy is about Speaking Out, Getting Heard and Knowing Your Rights.

The advocacy team are not part of social services. We work for you and no one else. We won’t judge what is good or bad for you like other professionals might – we will just stand up for what you want.   

our Advocates can help you with

  • passing on your wishes and feelings to people who make decisions about your care

  • speaking out about issues that are important to you and let you know your rights

  • support at meetings and reviews

  • if you are unhappy about a decision that has been made about your care we can help you make a complaint.

we work with

Children and young people who are:

  • aged 5-25 in care or a care leaver  

  • going to a Family Group Conference or Child Protection Conference  

  • receiving shared care or have a disability  

  • young parents under 18  

  • young unaccompanied asylum seekers.

Advocacy is about Safeguarding 

Advocates will believe what you tell them, and take action to make sure that you are safe. We can help you if you go missing from home or care, or if you are worried about how other people are treating you. You have the right to be safe from abuse, bullying, violence and threats.

Get in touch with an advocate.  


You can contact the team with any comments or find out what young people said about our service from our recent survey.