Disability and the Law

All disabled children are classed as Children in Need because they need extra help and support to grow up.

Some disabled children and young people will be classed as looked after because they spend a lot of time away from home having shared care.

If you are a child in need or looked after your local authority must provide you with services.

You may qualify for extra support when you get to 18 if you have been Looked After.

Non-Instructed Advocacy

Some children and young people need help to communicate how they are feeling and what is going on in their lives.  Sometimes advocates may need to make a judgement about what a young person may want or need if they are unable to communicate a choice.
We think about this work very carefully, we look at:

  • your rights

  • your preferences

  • what other young people your age would expect

  • whether a decision/plan meets your needs and preferences.

Transition to Adult Services

What is Transition and when does it happen?

Transition starts to happen around your 17 birthday.

Who can help you?

Your social worker, your parents and carers or an advocate.

For more information visit The Transition Team.