Why am I in care?

Children and Young People come into care for lots of different reasons. 

Professionals working with your family have serious concerns about how you are being looked after, your safety and wellbeing.

Your parents and carers may think that you are putting yourself at risk and they are finding it hard to keep you safe. You may be staying out late and using drugs or alcohol. You may be hanging out with older people who could take advantage or exploit you.

  • your parents/carers may agree to have you Accommodated by the local authority. They don’t have to go to court for this. This is called Section 20 Accommodation

  • in an emergency, the Police and Social Services can take you into care. However, most cases have to go court and a judge will decide what happens.

Find out about the different orders a Judge can make.

You may have committed an offence and have to go to a Secure Training Centre to serve your sentence.

Find out more about the Youth Offending Service.